Old Orchard Beach Preparations

OOB Preperation

As in previous years and overseas trips, it's been fantastic to document what the band have been getting up to on tours. This year will be no different.


In a matter of weeks the Household Troops Band will be visiting Old Orchard Beach in Maine (USA Eastern Territory) and preparations are going very well. We have discussed programme, travel, itinerary and CD sales, we've confirmed flights and band personnel, the excitement is building!


We will produce a daily blog on our tour which starts on Thursday 26th July (even though the actual even doesn't start until Friday 27th) so please look out for this, share it, like it. If you cannot actually be with us, we want you to feel as much a part of it as you can. We will be posting pictures and videos and even sharing Live Stream links.


Lastly, and most importantly, please pray. Pray for safe and problem free travel, Pray for the USA Eastern Territory as they host this annual event, Pray for those who will encounter the bands ministry (especially non Salvationists), Pray for the members of the band they they too will receive a blessing. Pray for the ongoing work and ministry of the International Salvation Army. May this small corner have a lasting and wide reaching legacy.


May God bless you too.