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Concert Personnel

The Household Troops Band

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The Household Troops Band was originally formed in 1887 following an advert in the War Cry newspaper calling for "young, saved and physically fit" brass players to be "prepared to leave home and family for six months active service for God and the Army". 

The bandmaster was Staff-Captain Harry Appleby and following this six month tour, another tour to Canada in October 1888, which saw the Band become the first Salvation Army band to cross the Atlantic.

While they were away, a second group of players was inaugurated and on 14 October 1889, in the country village of Whitchurch, Hampshire, led a march of more than 1,000 Salvationists in a great march for liberty. 

The first Troops Band returned home to Britain in 1891 and later members of both bands amalgamated. In 1893, the band was dissolved to make way for a new band, and it was from the ashes of the Household Troops Band that the International Headquarters Staff Band (now known as the International Staff Band) was formed.

Reformed by Captain John Mott in 1985 (now Major John Mott), the band aim to fullfill the mission and duty of the original Troops Band. Still wearing the distinctive white pith helmets, the band still aim to take their mission out on the streets. They will march to afternoon open-air venues and play an outdoor concert to the public before their evening concerts.

A list of current personnel can be found below, but if you wish to read more about the history of the band, you can find that on our website here.

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